At FEBS we try to do everything we can to keep pest control natural and one of the ways we do that is to incorporate roosters and chickens into our aviaries. They are natural pest control and they eat the food that the birds drop on the ground. This has been a fantastic way to naturally maintain the floors of the cages and gives the roosters and chickens lots of room to roam.

This particular rooster, however, has decided that he wants to be a parrot instead but to our surprise our Amazon, Laura, started preening him. Now Laura follows him around everywhere and they are now our official ‘odd couple’ here at FEBS. There have been stranger couples I suppose but it seems that love really does find a way and crosses all boundaries.

Amazons like Laura are native to the New World from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean. Most Amazons are predominately green with accenting colors and depending on the species they can be quite vivid. They feed mostly on seeds, nuts, and fruits and supplement that with leafy greens.

Amazons are very popular as pets because of their ability to mimic human speech and other sounds. Unfortunately this popularity has caused a market of Amazons being taken from the wild to be bred in captivity which in turn is causing some breeds to become threatened to extinction.

Besides their ability to mimic human speech, Amazons are known for their playfulness and dexterity with their feet.

Hand-reared Amazons are are super loyal companions and can live for 50 or more years. In addition to their long life spans people looking to have an Amazon for a pet should take into consideration that these birds require lots of time and interaction in order to live long, healthy lives. If they don’t get the attention they require they sometimes develop destructive behaviors.