Supporting Your Placed Bird

Get an initial placement update…

Please call or email FEBS to get an update on your bird 24-hours after placement.

Phone: 1-844-FLA-BIRD (1-844-352-2473)


Please note that after the initial 24-hour period, bird updates are provided per the FEBS Bird Update Policy.

Come visit the sanctuary…

Stay involved and come visit your bird(s) at FEBS as often as you can.

The bird(s) will love seeing you and showing off their new friends!

To schedule a visit, please complete a visitation request form.

Please inform us immediately if any of the following have changed…

Make a note to inform us of any contact information changes, such as address, phone number and email.

If appropriate, let us know if your credit card or billing information has changed.

Talk about and join us on our social media channels…

Become a sanctuary volunteer if possible…

Volunteering at our Sanctuary in Hudson Florida makes a real difference in the lives of our birds and allows you to meet others who love birds while having some fun! Our volunteer program provides a unique opportunity to work with and/or around hundreds of parrots living in as close to a natural environment as possible.

If you are interested in our volunteer program, you need to complete a FEBS Volunteer Application. Once completed and submitted, a Sanctuary representative will call you to discuss your interests, availability and skills.

Support our Sanctuary Life Reimagined vision by…

– Supporting FEBS when you shop online with iGive and GoodShop

– Making a donation

– Sponsoring a bird through Friends of FEBS

– Considering a planned giving arrangement with FEBS

– Checking out our wish list of much needed items

– Gifting a tour to a friend, coworker or family member