Meet The Residents: Jimmy – The Lovebird!
Meet Jimmy! He is a Lovebird that came to us from Alanta! Jimmy was a chronic feather picker who came to us with a cone around his neck to prevent him from pulling out more of his feathers. His family absolutely adores this little guy and they were very upset when he started this behavior.
They took Jimmy to the vet on numerous occasions but unfortunately feather picking is almost always a psychological state and once started it becomes a habit that is hard to stop. They bought this Lovebird for their young daughter and the daughter is now going away to college. The loss of this family member in Jimmy’s life is most likely the reason for the self mutilation issue that he is having.
When Jimmy was brought to the Sanctuary we found that this little guy is very affectionate and loves to play! He is also really funny. When he wants to get your attention he will race back and forth in the cage until you come and get him out.
One of our volunteers, Chris, really loves Jimmy and Jimmy is all too happy to hang out with him! We were very pleased to be able to tell them that the collar is off and he is no longer plucking his feathers any more.
In other Jimmy news, he is courting a little girl Lovebird now so hopefully they can make each other happy and live life ‘just being birds’ as is the cornerstone of FEBS’ mission!