Meet Patricia Norton, the Bird Mother

Ever since she was a small child, Patricia knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She absolutely loved animals—especially exotic birds—and followed this passion by becoming a veterinarian student studying avian medicine.  During this time, Patricia saw up close how intelligent and companionable these amazing creatures are. But she also witnessed many heart-breaking occasions when people and their birds had to part ways.  In 2002, Patricia started the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, with the goal of providing a permanent home for parrots where they have the freedom to just be a bird. As Patricia explains, “it all began with a few aviaries that I built on my own property, but as word spread of this ‘parrot-dise’ in Florida, our sanctuary began receiving exotic birds from all over the United States.”


What started as a backyard project has now evolved into a hallmark sanctuary that provides a safe and natural environment for more than 700 parrots.

Although 14 years into this journey, in many ways Patricia’s work is just beginning. In 2016, she relocated the sanctuary from a potential flood zone to a 5-acre parcel in Hudson (Florida). As an independent thinker and visionary in her field, she has now embarked on the next phase of the sanctuary. Patricia’s vision of Sanctuary Life Reimagined™ challenges herself and her supporters to further embrace and cultivate a biodiverse and sustainable environment for the birds that also serves as an enjoyable and educational resource for the community.

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