The number one question asked of us when someone is considering placing their Parrot at the Sanctuary is: Will my Parrot be happy here? Will he/she make friends? Find love? That’s what we all want for our Parrots, right?

These 3 Macaws are a prime example of birds that came to us from different family’s, were slowly acclimated into one of our very large flights and bonded together! They are hardly ever seen apart!

FEBS placed 75 Parrots in need of a permanent forever home, in 2018, which brings our flock to 837 feathered friends in the 20 years since its inception.
With a policy of no adoption we are prepared to continue to help owners with their bird when they no longer can.

Of course ALL Parrots that come to us are not able to acclimate in the larger flights due to aggression, to solve this we have been busy building 12×12 flights for smaller groups of birds such as Amazons and Cockatoo’s that are a bit more of a challenge when placing together. We have to really get to know a Parrots personalities before we make a group decision as to who would do best together.

Most owners understand this concept and come forward with the necessary funding to build their bird these special flights. This way the birds are still outside in the Florida sunshine and have much more freedom to be able to “Just Be a Bird”

We thank everyone that has committed to the support of our Sanctuary! Please consider becoming a Friend of FEBS though our website, which is a great program of monthly support of a species. Please join us by clicking here Join Friends of FEBS

Many, many thank you’s from the Parrots, Staff and Volunteers!