Hello Friends of FEBS
This week we wanted to give all of you a preview of how we have prepared for any possible shipping issues or shortages of feed for the nearly 800 Parrots in our care. It was of the utmost importance for us to stockpile at least 2 months supply of feed. Hagen, the staple pellet, comes out of Canada, then to Boston, and then to Tampa.
Through our last matching fundraiser, you all helped us to make that purchase! The picture below is what 2 months’ food supply looks like! It is in a metal storage room that is temperature controlled and has a large humidifier to ensure freshness and low moisture.
Chop, Chop. Chop!  The afternoon feeding comprises of fruit and veggies. In order to save trips to the market every few days (which is closed currently) we had 20 flats of strawberries and various veggies delivered. Our team has been cutting, freezing and blending together a variety of these yummy treats, freezing them in ice cube trays, which makes for a simple way to pass out this condensed nutritional goodness.
The birds love the coolness and gobble these down!
Our staff is healthy and everyone is working. We do hope that in the coming months we can reopen to the public for educational tours and visitations, but for now please be assured that the birds are in the very best care!
If you are reading this and in need of our help, either through the piece of mind for a future intake agreement with us or an immediate need please contact us and we can help you.
www.flabirdsanctuary.org or at 844-353-bird