FEBS wishes to thank everyone that attended our Grand Opening Event. We also wish to thank all of you, who could not attend, but were generous

enough to donate through the website.

 We had a great day giving Educational tours to over 200 attendees that were amazed by the beautiful facility that has been transformed from the wild overgrowth 3 years ago to Parrotdize, a permanent home to over 800 Beautiful Owner Released Parrots.
Another special shout out to all of our staff and volunteers who worked very hard to help make this event go smoothly.
A big shout out to the Jack and Amber and The Chamber for doing the ribbon cutting!
We signed up a bunch of new volunteers and are looking forward to having them come work with us.
We sold t-shirts, had a raffle giveaway for a great Weber Grill, that one of our faithful Saturday Volunteers, Kelly won! Pictures by Brandon on his greenscreen was a huge favorite and so many other fun activities were had by all.
Going forward, this event kicks off the Next Major Fundraiser for our much needed Hurricane Evacuation Building/Vet Clinic/ Kitchen, Prep area for the birds! Watch in the upcoming weeks for the Matching Fundraiser.
If you would like to continue supporting us please visit our website www.flabirdsanctuary.org to donate or purchase one of our shirts.
Again, thank you all!