Hello Friends Of Febs!
Many of our Conures Parronts have asked for some pictures of our Conure flights recently so here are some of these adorable yet rumbustious little guys and girls in our care.

What we love so much about taking Conures, Quakers and smaller species into the sanctuary is that they do so well in large flights together. They are loud as can be but living outdoors gives them the luxury to scream in their very high pitched voice as much as they like!

Another fun fact is that when we introduce a new flight of birds, they chose who they wish to bond with, as you can see from the pictures different species fall head over heels with one another. It’s just heartwarming to see them, shoulder to shoulder, preening and enjoying one another’s company!

They have fans and misting systems along with mostly covered roofs to combat the heat of Florida but also being a smaller species, are provide heat lamps for warmth in the winter!
Please plan to come visit these Darling birds when you can!

Tours are given by appointment only, Just call us and arrange it, we would love to give you a tour!