FEBS Bird Update Policy

As our sanctuary provides a forever home to hundreds of parrots, our team is very focused on ensuring that all of our birds enjoy their forever home in Sanctuary Life Reimagined! Accordingly, we have implemented the following process and schedule for bird updates and sanctuary visitation:

Initial Placement Update (24 hours after placement)

Please call or email us to get an update on your bird 24-hours after placement.

– Phone: 1-844-FLA-BIRD  (1-844-352-2473)

– Email: BirdMother@FlaBirdSanctuary.com

Avian Health and Flock Safety Assessment Results

You will receive a call or email regarding your bird(s) Avian Health and Flock Safety Assessment results, typically within seven (14) days.

Other Status Updates

For a period of 30-45 days, our team is engaged in the FEBS Bird Acclimation Process to facilitate a smooth transition for your bird to their new environment and we are unable to proactively provide status updates.

Post the acclimation period, you are welcome to schedule a visit by completing this Sanctuary Visitation Request form.

If you are unable to visit the sanctuary, please email us at BirdMother@FlaBirdSanctuary.com and we will email you an update on the flight cage or aviary that your bird resides in. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.

General Visitation

Due to the vital acclimation process and the importance of facilitating a smooth transition for your bird to their new environment, requests for visitation are typically granted after sixty (60) days. To schedule a sanctuary visit, please:

– Complete this Sanctuary Visitation Request form