We are truly blessed and sincerely grateful for the outpour of generosity FEBS has received in the last 6 weeks of this campaign, for this very important fundraiser! With your generosity, we are only $20,000 from reaching our goal of matching the $75,000 donation to match! The $150,000 raised will go a long way to getting the Hurricane Evacuation/Avian Vet Clinic/Offices/public restrooms/feed storage and kitchen underway! We will post every step of the way so that you can follow the progress and know that you had a hand in making this become a reality for over 800 Parrots in their forever home!

We are aware that the planned 3000 square foot building will certainly cost more than this $150,000, but what a great start! Thank you all so much for contributing with love and generosity for the Birds!