The FEBS flock are loving the wonderfully fresh mix called Chop! We usually cut up a ton of fruit and veggies to give to them but are always striving to give them the highest nutritional balance available.

Through research, we have learned that fruit should be given less than vegetables, but trying to get them to actually eat the veggies has proven to be a challenge.

This is where Chop comes in handy! This first batch contains cooked Quinoa, Kale, carrots, broccoli, okra, unsalted nuts and a sprinkle of vitamins and avicalm.

The mixture is blended into a small chop, then scooped into small ice cube trays.

This was then frozen and each day we take the trays out to thaw, cut the cubes in quarters for the smaller birds like Conures and Quakers, in half for the medium sized birds like the Greys and Amazons, a full cube to the Macaws! They really went after this with great enthusiasm. Other bases will be cooked lentils or steel cut cooked oats. 

Due to the fact that our birds live outdoors and in the heat of Florida, we do not suggest things like spouts or any product that could go bad quickly. We are not finding any leftovers in the bowls the next morning so this is proving promising! The whole process took about four hours for a 4 day supply but well worth it to get their veggies! 

Now we just need some vegetable vendors to donate as this new process is quite expensive!