Their names are Razzle & Dazzle, appropriate for the largest of the Macaws. These majestic birds we purchased 23 years ago and were set up to breed. They had a good life in a beautiful South Carolina home but have lived their entire life indoors. Until now. The elderly couple that were their previous caretakers wished for them to retire to Florida, in the sunshine, outside and in a large Aviary of their own. We were happy to accommodate them, as we have over 800 other souls in our care! 

Razzle & Dazzle were released into their huge new flight cage and immediately went to the highest perches, it has taken a few days of climbing ladders to hand feed them in order to assist them in the acclimation of such a large space.

After only a few days one brave girl, Sam, offered her arm to Dazzle and she stepped right up! The previous owner was amazed at that since it has been so long since this pair had any human contact.

Just 10 days in, both are doing fantastic, our staff and volunteers are all talking and interacting with them. Joe, a long time volunteer near and dear to us, designed and installed a pully feeding system for ease of getting the various foods up to them. They have a very high fat diet, including macadamia nuts shipped in from Hawaii that will be donated by the previous owners! 

Razzle and Dazzle seem to love their afternoon mists, the high humidity and afternoon rain, it is a joy to see them enjoying retirement at our Sanctuary! 

Welcome to Florida!  

High School Church Youth Group Visits FEBS!

Parrot Education is a very big part of what we do here at FEBS so frequently we invite school and church groups visit our Sanctuary so that they can meet the birds and learn more about them. Recently, we had a church youth group of high school age kids visiting and they were having a ball learning about and feeding Parrot Ed (in above photo attracting a crowd) and the other birds.

It’s always a fun-filled day for all of them (the birds and the kids) but the kids really get a kick out of holding walnuts and almonds in a shell in their outstretched hands so that the birds will come down and land on them. The kids always love this and squeal with joy at the truly rare treat of having one of our Macaws land on them.

If you would like to plan a visit to FEBS for your school, church, or youth group please fill out our ‘Contact Us’ form by emailing us at to schedule a tour!