Awww NUTS…Needed

Healthy nuts are pretty expensive. With the change of our flocks diet from seed to pellets this last year, we know our birds still love their mixed nut treat every afternoon along with their fruit and veggies!

Each 20# bag of mixed nuts out of shell cost us 138.00! The birds go through one bag a week!

The very best way to help us with keeping our nut supply going is to make a donation towards one bag a month, either through our website, by check or by calling our supplier, Pet Supplies Plus at 727-868-4900 to ask Tammy to add a bag to our order.

If we can get 4 commitments a month x 12 months we hope to have 48 of our supporters fulfill this need! If any of you can find the nuts in or out of shell for less please let us know! Thank you in advance for your love and support!