From a Green Wing Macaw named Sami, who will forever call FEBS home, to a five foot tall Macaw statue, lovingly hand painted by Irene, a very special person in Joe’s life who brought Sami and this beautiful tribute for the man she loved,we wish to share with you a person that really made a difference in this world during his time here.

Irene shared with us that after a long battle with addiction earlier in Joe’s life, he overcame it and began helping others with their’s. Irene told us that she was witness to dozens of calls taken by Joe day or night from parents, spouses and recovering addicts themselves, appreciating Joe for giving them their lives and families back, always ready to help anyone that asked. Joe was 17 years sober when he passed in bliss February 17, 2017 leaving all that loved him far to early.

Irene shared that “Joe gave back more than any of us had ever seen, or would ever know! He made a difference in so many live’s and we were blessed to know his joy”

Knowing about Joe’s love for Parrots his whole life, Irene reached out to FEBS and made the very difficult decision to bring their beloved parrot to us.Irene came with the statue that will forever be known simply as “Statue Sami” and began painting it with highlights of gold in her wings. Irene expressed that she wished for this memorial be placed with a donation box on top of it, with the hope that Joe will always see, even from Heaven, that he is still giving through the hearts of all those that visit FEBS for years to come, as he did so here on earth.

In Loving memory.