Hello Friends Of FEBS !
A letter from the Founder, CEO of the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Inc. Patricia Norton

We thought it important to inform all of our birds previous owners, followers and donors with an update and the planning being done to ensure that not only are our staff and volunteer base are kept safe during this trying time but also to assure all of you of our financial position to ensure the continuation of FEBS through this uncertain economic time.
Our main concern is to keep our staff safe and healthy. All tours and visitation are being halted. With almost 800 Parrots that will need to be taken care of regardless of a potential staff shortage we must keep contact with the public limited. On a good note, we do work outdoors in the Florida sunshine and we have been assured this virus is not affecting birds or other animals.
As a responsible Sanctuary with a strong Board of Directors and Management team, we have put reserves aside to keep us going if our main source of income, the sponsorships that comes from the intake of Parrots, dries up completely due to travel restrictions. With that said we would prefer not to go through those reserves. Therefore, we are asking each of you to donate any amount of money through our website, paypal, credit card, or send a check directly to us in order to meet payroll, the birds food bill and general expenses to run this operation. The cost per month is $25,000 to run without interruption. All expansion efforts are on hold until further notice.
We are blessed to have a donor who is putting $5000.00 up for a matching fundraiser so every dollar donated is doubled! The goal here is to be able to have 3 months of operating costs covered. Please do anything you can, we understand that these are hard times for everyone, please stay safe and know that this too shall pass.
Thank you all very much in advance for any support you can give us.