Hello Friends of FEBS!

We hope this letter finds you and yours healthy and blessed with family, friends and pets during this time of uncertainty and quarantine. We can only remain positive that this Pandemic will pass soon and we can all get back to some form of normalcy.

We are sure you are aware of the current climate of the loss of these times to small businesses and nonprofits. We have been fortunate enough to receive a PPP loan to keep all of our team employed since all of this went down in March. But as a Non Profit Organization, we can’t continue to rely on the Government to agree on funding for small businesses/nonprofits. This is where we need our followers’ assistance.

We have made sure to have the reserves to continue operations but we are needing to use the reserves to continue operations as normal. Unfortunately, we are feeling the loss of income from Educational tours, as well from many nervous people that need our assistance with placing their birds but are fearful to travel to us due to Covid concerns. We are doing our best to work with everyone with a Future Intake Option that will ensure a place in our Sanctuary in the event of a sudden need. https://flabirdsanctuary.org/future-placement-program/

Now for the positive part of this Blog! We have reached out and have received a $5000.00 pledge from the Wilkins Family and a $5000.00 pledge from the Valero Trust to match, dollar for dollar, in order to assist FEBS through these times. Any amount of donation would be greatly appreciated and as always are tax deductible! Our goal is to raise 20K to help us with expenses through the years end.

Every dollar will be doubled through this matching fundraiser! We know that many of you have personally visited the Sanctuary and know what a wonderful environment we provide for the lives of over 800 Parrots to have a forever home to “Just Be a Bird” For those of you that have not please visit our website for pictures, testimonials and videos!

In advance, please accept our sincere gratitude for any funds you may be able to give towards this Covid matching Fundraiser! https://flabirdsanctuary.org/make-a-donation/

Warmest regards, All the Birds, Staff and Volunteers of FEBS!