FEBS is extremely excited to announce the launch of our 2018-2019 Capital Matching Funds Campaign. Our goal is to match a very generous gift of 75,000.00 bequeathed to us. It was the wish of the Donor to utilize this gift for matching the funds to help FEBS with its largest need, an onsite 3000 square foot hurricane evacuation building that will also be utilized for operations such as an Avian Vet Clinic, Quarantine, kitchen with storage for fruit and veggies, dry food storage rooms and public restrooms.  

As you may all be aware, Hurricane seasons are becoming more intense every year. With over 800 Parrots in our care we must be proactive in providing a haven for them. The building will be designed to withstand 150 MPH wind with thought going into elevation for potential flooding. The plan would be to evacuate ALL the birds into the building in either cages or carriers specifically set up for such an event. 

Please donate ANY amount here to be matched $ for $ and watch throughout this Holiday season for updates and as we break ground we will post that as well. Only with our supporters can we make this very important project a reality for our flock!