We hope that all of you are well and life is getting back to normal after Covid.
We are back open for tours and visitation of your placed birds!
We have been building new Aviaries due to the record number of birds being placed with us this year. We believe this is due to the inability to place and/or travel restrictions during 2020.
We are happy to announce that our flock are happy and healthy!
As you may know we were able to put up 3 Hurricane Evacuation buildings this last winter, which was a major milestone achieved! This could not have been done without the help from all of you!
We did prepare the property for tropical storm Elsa but thankfully did not have to evacuate the birds into the buildings.
Please watch in the the next few weeks for a Matching Fundraiser as we have projects that need funding. More to come! If anyone would like to donate funds to get the ball rolling, please email me directly at birdmother@flabirdsanctuary.com for information for this.
Lots of love from the Birds in our care, Staff and Volunteers here at FEBS!